We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident when they smile! Your smile is not just esthetic, but it is a way of communicating joy to those around you. If you are embarassed of your smile, you are not able to live up to your full potential and your interactions with others might be hindered as well. We want to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile that you love to show off to others!

“Excellent staff! Prompt and on time! My teeth felt so clean! Dr. Ben is the best dentist if you’re looking for one. He’s done crowns, fillings, and veneers on my teeth and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Don’t think twice…make an appointment today!!!!”

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is an excellent way to conservatively brighten your smile. If your morning coffee or evening glass of wine has affected your smile over the years, we can help! Our teeth tend to yellow and discolor with age and with certain habits, but we can help you reverse these years of stain to give you the radiant smile you desire. We use convenient, custom take-home whitening kits to suit your needs that can be used for years to come.



With conservative bonding techniques we can close spaces, fix chips and wear, or reshape certain teeth that you desire to be changed. During your comprehensive exam, we can evaluate if it is possible to provide this simple, affordable solution for you. What may seem like a subtle change can make a dramatic impact on the look of your smile and your self-confidence!



If your smile isn’t exactly how you would like it but you would rather not go through longer processes of orthodontics or whitening, veneers might be a good solution. These are thin porcelain shells bonded with your tooth surface. They allow minimal reduction of your natural tooth and provide a durable esthetic result. They are great for correcting a single problem tooth or your entire smile with a full set. A thorough exam of your teeth and smile will let us know if you are a good candidate for veneers.

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