Root Canals

At Summerfield Family Dentistry, we love to save teeth. Endodontic therapy, or a “root canal” is an excellent way to successfully treat a painful tooth. Teeth that are deeply decayed or cracked and have a problem with the nerve benefit from this therapy. It refers to the cleaning and filling of the root structure of the tooth. Most teeth are treated in one short visit and we utilize the newest equipment and techniques to quickly treat you. Generally, a crown is needed over the tooth to protect it from further problems for a longer period of time.

“I was in pain and worried about my tooth. The dentist and assistant made me feel calm. They explained everything they were doing and encouraged me throughout the visit. I walked away after a root canal, free of pain and happy! A first for me at any dentist’s office. I recommend you go to this dental practice immediately for great care and friendly service”
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