We are thrilled to now be able to offer the service of placing implants in our office with Dr. Preston Ford. You can now get dental implant service from start to finish in our office, without having to be referred somewhere else. As a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Dr. Ford is continuing to learn new techniques and stay up to date on the latest technology to provide you the highest quality implant care. Dr. Ford is passionate about this service and would love to spend time with you to discuss how you might benefit from implants.To schedule a free implant consultation with Dr. Ford please call us at (336)643-1440.


What is an implant?

Dental implants have become the “gold standard” and #1 recommended tooth replacement solution by both dentists and patients. An implant is a titanium “root” that fuses into the jaw and provides a strong foundation for single or multiple teeth, or for denture stability. When a tooth is lost, the bone begins to deteriorate, causing a sunken facial appearance and shifting of other teeth. Implants integrate into the jawbone, preserving your bone and supporting gum tissue for a healthier mouth and facial appearance. Dental implants are strong and durable and able to be the foundation for building natural looking restorations that look and feel like natural teeth. After the implant is placed, a post is inserted (known as an abutment) which connects to a custom-made crown. Modern implants have a long track record of success. Implants have a chance to last a lifetime with proper care and return to our office for regular checkups.

Who can benefit from implants?

Dental implants can be a great decision for adults of all ages. Implants are a solution to many different issues – whether you were born without a tooth, or have lost teeth from an injury or accident, infection or decay. They can be a great option for adolescents, once their face is done growing and developing. Generally, this is around 17-18 for girls and around 19-22 for boys.

Dental implants have many advantages compared to alternatives like dentures, partials, and bridges. They look, fit, and feel like natural teeth. You brush and floss implants just like you do your natural teeth – no more taking something out of your mouth to clean. They help you retain the natural shape of your face and your smile. Implants are built to last – with proper care they can last for many decades. Alternatives like bridges and dentures may need to be replaced as often as 5 to 10 years so in the long run you may end up saving time and money with implants.

Implants do require a certain level of bone density, height and health to ensure success. If you do not currently have sufficient bone health, we may be able to do bone graft to supplement your jawbone and place implants for you.

Do dental implants make sense for you?

  1. Do you have one or more missing teeth?
  2. Do you have a bridge that needs to be replaced?
  3. Do your dentures affect your quality of life by slipping, clicking or keeping you from eating what you want?
  4. Do you have bite problems or pain because of a missing tooth?
  5. Do you want a treatment option for missing teeth that provides a permanent, long-term solution?

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