We are proud to offer a range of truly comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages. From simple sealants to total mouth rehab. New patients are welcome to tour the clinic and emergencies are always treated courteously. Explore the links for more in-depth info.

Cleanings & Prevention

A good preventive program is the key to a healthy, confident, beautiful smile. Your preventive program will be customized to meet your specific needs by the dentist, staff and you. Ask us about the painless ways to fight cavities and gum infection.

Headaches and Jaw Pain

We’ve enjoyed great success in treating jaw joint disorders, commonly called TMJ, conservatively with bite guards, mild tooth adjustment and adjunct therapy. Our goal is to achieve a harmonious tooth-joint relationship, and reduce the symptoms of headache, jaw and neck pain.

Children’s Dental Health

We offer a wide range of painless procedures to prevent and treat tooth decay for children of all ages. From sealants to extraction all children are treated gently in a fear free environment. If your children play sports a mouth guard will protect their teeth.

White Fillings

White fillings or composite resins come in subtle shades to perfectly match your natural smile. We keep up with the latest research and techniques to help your fillings to last the longest possible.

Tooth Whitening

Everyone wants a white beautiful smile. Tooth whitening is an excellent way to conservatively brighten a smile. Custom clear plastic trays will be made for you to use convientely at home for years to come.


Often referred to as “caps”, crowns are a covering that encases the entire tooth for protection. Crowns are used when simple fillings just won’t work anymore. Crowns are the ideal way to protect a weak tooth from the incredibly strong forces we put on teeth on a daily basis. Our all porcelain emax crowns are strong, durable, and feel like your natural tooth.


Bridges are multiple crowns or “caps” put together to span gaps created from a missing tooth or teeth. They are an excellent alternative to removable partial dentures.


Veneers are a conservative way to enhance your smile. New materials allow minimal tooth reduction and provide a durable esthetic result. A thorough exam of your teeth will let us know if your are a good candidate for veneers.


Dentures are made to restore the the smile and function of patients who have lost all their teeth in one or both jaws. Dental Implants can greatly stabilize and retain an old or poorly fitting denture. The ADA has approved implants as the gold standard for denture support.

Removable Partials

A partial is a removable appliance fabricated to replace multiple missing teeth in a jaw. Partials are an economic alternative to tooth replacement.

Root Canals

At Summerfield Dentistry we love to save teeth. Endodontic therapy is an excellent way to successfully treat a painful tooth. Teeth that are deeply decayed or cracked benefit from this therapy. Most teeth are treated in one short visit and we utilize the newest equipment and techniques to quickly treat your tooth.


Unfortunately some teeth cannot be saved and must be removed. Most wisdom teeth do not have enough room to erupt and should be removed. Collagen or synthetic bone can be placed in the site to speed up healing and rebuild bone. Extractions are performed at our office and emergencies handled courteously.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, gingivitis or periodontal disease is something we all like to ignore, but with a few minutes of simple measurements gum disease can be identified and then be treated. Got Floss??